Monday, 1 August 2011

Olive oil and its benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Olive oil is not just used for cooking, it is used for a lot of beauty related things as well. I have just recently discovered the benefits of oive oil over the past 3 months. I must say that I love the things that olive oil can do. You can purchase olive oil at any local grocery store.

You can use olive oil as a makeup remover. It makes getting stubborn makeup off an easy job. I know I have had trouble getting some of my waterproof mascaras off. Whenever I need to take my makeup off at night, I always reach for my olive oil. I just pour a small amount onto a small cotton pad and wipe it off. It comes off very easily.

You can also use olive oil as a moisterizer. What i do is splash warm water onto my face to help open up my pores to help all of the vitamins in the olive oil get into my skin really well. I pour a small amount of olive oil into my hand (a clean hand!) and rub my hands together to help warm up the olive oil a bit. Then I continuously rub it into my skin for about a minute to realy make sure I get it into my skin really well.
This technique is really good for your skin because it actually helps to control the oil on your face. it might sound like it will make your skin more greasy, but even people with oily skin need to moisterize and this will help. EVEN IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN! Since there is so much nutrients and vitamins in olive oil, it can do wonders for your skin. It helps with the oiliness, it helps with anti-aging, it improves skins elasticity and it moisterizes.
I usualy use this before i go to bed so that the oil can soak into my skin while I'm sleeping. The olive oil will also help your makeup glide on smoothly. ANDDDD I almost forgot, but it is great for your lashes! It helps to condition them and really get all of the gunk or buildup in them which can help them grow longer.

You can also use olive oil as a scrub by adding granulated sugar to it. You can use it on just your face or your whole body. It will take off all of the dead skin cells and moisterize at the same time, leaving your skin feeling extremely soft.

Olive oil also does wonders for your hair. You can heat a small cup of olive oil in the microwave for about a minute and then apply it to dry hair. You shouldn't start right at your roots though, start a little ways down and make sure your hair is coated evenly. Then tie your hair back and let it sit for about an hour, then shower like you normally would and wash and condition your hair. It will leave your hair looking healthier and stronger andddd shiny. I usually do this about once every 2 weeks to pamper myself and help prevent any breakage in my hair. Especially during these hot summer days that can fry your hair.

I use all of these techniques myself and I love ALL OF THEM! You can buy olive oil for around $6 depending on the size, and it can be used for so many different things. I find that olive oil works better than my clinique makeup remover, which is quite a bit more expensive. I am an olive oil lover as you can tell and I will always stick by it.

Please try these techniques out and let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading!!!

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