Monday, 27 February 2012

Taylor Swift Makeup Looks

Ever since Taylor swift hit the music scene with her album "Tim McGraw in 2006, I've been a huge fan. Since I was only about 15 years old at the time this album was release, I found the lyrics to be really easy to relate to.
I've always thought she was a really gorgeous girl, so I thought I would go through some of her makeup looks that I love. She is most famous for red lips and black cat-eye eyeliner look. I found some photos of her that show a few different looks.

I wanted to first start off this blog post by showing everyone a picture of Taylor Swift without makeup. She is clearly a naturally beautiful girl and could easily get away with no makeup.

I really love this look on taylor, it's very sweet and innocent looking. She has a nice faint pink blush on her cheeks and a beautiful peachy lip stick on which I think helps keep this look softer. For her eyes she has a shimmery light brown colour on the outer halves of her eyes then a white eyeshadow on the inner corners to help highlight. This is a simple look to achieve. She has her upper lash line lined with black eyeliner and slightly winged out on the ends. I love that she has the bottom lashline bare, I think it looks very elegant. Then of course to complete this look she has mascara.

This is an older picture of Taylor but I really like this look for her, it's a bit sexier look than her usual makeup looks. She has the smokey eyes and the pale pink lip, with a more bronzy glow. You can see in this look that the eye makeup is heavier than the picture before. She has dark grey almost black eyeshadow with is smoke out on the outer halves of her eyes. Then she has a lighter eyeshadow shade, you could use white eyeshadow or a light grey on the inner corners. Then she has her eyes lined all the way around this time which really helps make her eyes stand out here. Then OF COURSE mascara.

I chose this photo because she is actually wearing a bit of colour on her lids this time instead of neutral colours or smoky blacks and greys. It is a very dark, dramatic look on the eyes and it looks like she doesnt have any colour or gloss on her lips. Even her skin looks bare here which i LOVE. She may have a bit of blush on but it looks so natural that I'm going to say she isnt wearing any here. To get the look on her eyes I would first start off with a dark purple over the entire lid and go past your natural crease a bit. Then smoke out any harsh edges. Then I would take a black or dark grey eyeshadow over top of the lid but don't bring i t past your natural crease. You want it to look like the edges of the black or grey eyeshadow is fading out to a purple colour. Then I would take an angle brush and bring the dark purple onto the lower lashline then bring black eyeliner across my waterline. And finish it off with black mascara.

This is definitly one of my favourite Taylor Swift looks, I love the blood red lips and natural smokey eye. Her skin is absolutely flawless. It doesn't seem like she is wearing any bronzer but she does have a hint of peach blush, and I love that it's so subtle. Her lips are a blood red colour with a tiny hint of gloss over top but for the most part it's pretty matte. Her eyes have a deep brown on the outer corners and smoke out on the edges then a touch of highlighter in the inner corners of her eyes. Then She has her eyes lined all around again with a black eyeliner and topped off with mascara to complete the look.

Thanks again for reading my break down of Taylor Swifts makeup looks. I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a lovely day!

p.s. none of these photos were taken by me, they were all found on the internet.