Thursday, 12 January 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Review

For Christmas I asked my parents for the Book of Shadows IV by Urban Decay. It was the only thing I asked for and I was extremely excited when I got it. I would like to start off by saying that I really REALLY enjoy this palette. If you have never used it or seen it, I definitly suggest checking it out.

The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging of it all. It comes in a protecting box with a great eye catching design on it. It's very creative and colourful and of course it's extremely cute. I think it's very girly and very different from any other palette I have seen. This palette goes above and beyond any other I've seen.

So when you open up the palette, this is what it looks like. ^^^ It has a mirror and pop up butterflies which I think is adorable. Again very different from other palettes. Then beside the mirror there is a little pouch for your phone and a little card with get the look codes on it. This whole palette has this kind of magical feel about it so it makes doing your makeup fun rather than just a chore.

So this is the card that comes with the palette. What you would do is scan these codes using your smart phone and it will bring up a video showing you how to get that particular look using the colours in this palette. They give you five different looks to choose from and they are all very different looks so it gives you a nice variety to choose from. I mean how many other palettes that you've seen have had this feature?

After opening the palette, you will see a purple flap on the front to pull on which pulls out the actually palette itself. It comes with 16 different coloured eyeshadows, a black 24/7 liquid liner, a mini mascara, a primer potion, a speaker to plug into your phone and of course the cords to go along with it. The colours this palette comes with are relly great because it comes with your nice every day kind of colours but it comes with your really fun bold colours as well. The only bad thing I would say is that a few of the colours have glitter in it and I found that I ended up getting it all over my face. Other than that I really like ALL of the colours. I also really enjoyed the liner, it's an amazing liner and when I run out I will definitly be buying another one. It stays on extremely well and I found it easy to apply. The mascara was a pretty good one but I still prefer my falsies by  Maybelline.

This is the speaker that comes with the palette. This was one of the features about the palette that really made me want to try this palette because it was so unique. I thought it was a really great idea because you can use it to listen to the videos aloud or even just listen to music while your getting ready. Which I'm pretty sure most girls do. It even has a key chain on it so you can bring it around with you instead of keeping it with the palette itself.

Overall I really love this palette and I have found a few more products using this palette that I will definitly buy again. Like the liner, certain colours in the palette and the primer potion. Its extremely unique and fun. It's just something different to try and have fun with.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation

This week I have finally returned to school after a 3 week Christmas Break. I was really glad to be back at school to keep me busy. As I was getting ready for school I noticed I was going to need a new foundation soon. I stopped at a shoppers drug to look around for something new to try.

I usually use MAC's studio sculpt foundation but I really wanted to try something different. I probably looked at a dozen different foundations until I finally asked the lady at the counter for a recommendation. She suggested a cream foundation since I have dry skin. She pointed a few out that are most popular.

I was really intrigued by the cover fx cream foundation because I always hear very good things about that company. The lady tested it on my skin and showed me the look it gives. I decided to give it a try. It cost $38 but I also bought a brush with it. The brush that was suggested to use when applying the product is a somewhat fluffy brush but still dense which is supposed to help buff the product into your skin better.

I'm gonna break this down into the positives about it and the negatives.


  • great coverage
  • doesn't make skin look flaky
  • don't feel the need for concealer as much
  • it's almost impossible to make a mess with the foundation (like spill it or getting crusty in lid)
  • comes in a nice container which is easy to carry around
  • doesn't look too cakey on skin


  • doesn't wear as long as I thought it would
  • I found it hard to layer with other products like bronzer and blush
  • the product transfers (comes off when I touch my face)
  • takes longer to apply than other foundations


Overall I liked the product. I wouldn't say I love it though. I don't think I would buy it again, I think I would go back to MAC. For people who need that extra coverage then this is a great product for you but I just don't feel like it worked great for me. But I could be wrong, I could learn a new way of using it and fall back in love with it.

Thanks for reading!
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