Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fun, Pretty, and Unique nails!!

Today I decided to try something a little different with my nails. I usualy stick with my standard plain one colour nail. Buttttt, today I decided to go with a bright blue nail with light purple polka dots, then on top of that, I added purple jewels just to add a bit of fun. As you can tell, I was extremely bored.

So first I started off with Sally Hansens 'hard as nails' in blue me away. This was my base colour.

Then I used Sally Hansens 'Hard as Nails' in Lacey Lilac to make polka dots. For the polka dots I used a dotting tool that I got in a nail art kit off of ebay. The dotting tool is the picture on your left above.

Then I used the nail glue from the nail art set and used a toothpick to gently add dots of glue onto some of the polka dots. This glue dries really quickly so I was doing about 2 dots at a time. Then I used the purple jewels in the centre picture above. I gently tapped a few of the jewels onto the table I was working at and used my finger to gently pick up each jewel one at a time. Then i carefully placed the jewel onto the dot of glue on my nail.

Then I used Sally Hansens 'Insta-Dri' top coat to help hold everything in place. On the above right is a picture of the final look.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!!! :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

work makeup

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the makeup that some girls and women wear to work. If you do not work at a bar or as like a fashion model or something along those lines, then you don't need to PILE on the makeup. I can't even count the amount of times where I have walked into a Mcdonalds or a walmart or something and seen a girl with eyeliner and eyeshadow piled on. I know you want to look good and all but your making yourself look like your trying to hard. I work at subway and I find that all I need is mascara and maybe tinted moisterizer if I need the extra coverage. It's important to keep your makeup simple and professional while at work. People want to see a fresh face not and overload of makeup while they are grocery shopping and stuff like that. There is a girl who works at a store I love to shop at and, no word of a lie, she has BLACK eyeshadow up to her eyebrows and her hair is always wayyyy over teased. It makes me cringe. She would look so much nicer with a clean face and hair pulled back, not like she's ready to go out to the club. But I mean, that's just me. :)

My suggestion for work makeup would be to wear a tinted moisturizer, concealer (if needed), mascara, maybe a light colored eyeshadow and maybe chapstick or a light lip gloss. I wouldn't go too crazy.
That's about everything I can say about makeup in the workplace. Thanks for readinggg!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

elf black eyeliner pen

I took a trip over to the united states a little while ago and stopped at a target. I am from Canada and we don't have targets here. haha. So while I was there I picked up a few elf cosmetics. I figured since they were sooo incredibly cheap, I might as well give them a try. The one thing I was most excited to try was the eyeliner pen. I must say, it glides on really well and it's extremely easy to make a straight line. It's pretty hard to mess it up. Where as using a liquid eyeliner can be tricky and easy to make mistakes. Now this eyeliner pen is great for your upper lashline, I wouldn't use it on your lower lashline. Overall I really enjoy this product and it was only a dollar!! Which is amazing. For the price this is an amazing product. The only bad thing I would have to say about the eyeliner pen would be that the colour shows up pretty light. I would like it to be a lot darker. Although if you go over it a couple times it does get a lot darker. Thats about everything I have to say about the elf eyeliner pen. I would recommend this product to ANYONE!

Fake Mac eyeshadows


       A month ago I bought 3 fake MAC eyeshadows off of ebay. They were 99 cents each so I figured I would try them out just to see how well they worked. I got a dark green colour, a navy blue and a purple. There is a lot of hype on youtube about these fake MAC eyeshadows and to be careful what you are buying. For me, I actually don't mind the fake ones. It's not as good as real MAC eyeshadows but it is quite comparable and extremely affordable. The quality of the fake ones is actually quite nice and pretty pigmented. For being a dollar each, it's really not that bad.I haven't had any problems with them or noticed it to irritate my skin or anything like that. So that being said, I will continue to use them. It is bad to buy the fake products though, so I probably won't buy them again. But for anyone who is thinking about buying them, they really aren't that bad. Plus they are cheap.

                                                        left: fake MAC  right: real MAC

The difference between real MAC eyeshadows and the fake ones is the fake ones come with a sponge applicator and mirror on the bottom of the eyeshadow. the real MAC eyeshadows don't come with this. When I say the mirror and the applicator are on the bottom, I mean that when you open the eyeshadow there is another half to it where the mirror and applicator sit.
Anyways, really for a dollar it's not all that bad.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Crackle Nail polish craze! Review

            I recently purchased the Crackle nail; polish by Sally Hansen in 'Fuchsia Shock.' It was $5.99 at Zellers. I had been wanting to try the product for a while but never really got around to actually buying it until just the other day. When i tried it out, I used sally hansens white nail polish as a base coat and let it dry then I applied the crackle top coat over top. It was a bit frustrating for me at first because I wasn't quite sure how it worked. I did mess it up a couple of times but in the end I got it to work out. It turned out really nicely. It just takes a couple of tries to get used to it. Since it dries so quickly, I found that the nail polish that was actually on the brush applicator kept getting dry which made it hard to put on your nails. You really need to be quick about applying it. Overall, I'm really happy with this product and I love the effect it gave my nails. But you do need to be careful when applying it because the formula dries so quickly.