Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Top Three Favourite Youtube Makeup Gurus

I would like to first start off by saying that all three of these girls are amazingly talented! They are all really positive and I feel that they are really genuine people. Rather than some youtube gurus I see who seem snobbish and stuck up.

So my number one favourite makeup guru on youtube is......


If you have never heard of Kandee Johnson before, you need to go to youtube search Kandee Johnson and watch her videos then come back and finish reading this blog.
She has so much talent and I have seen such a wide variety of different makeup videos that any girl could wear. Kandee is so pretty it hurts sometimes. She is very in with the latest trends in makeup and is always creating new, amazing looks. She has been on youtube for quite some time now and I'm pretty sure I have watched all of her videos. EVERY SINGLE ONE!! She has such a positive personality and she is also a very original person. Her videos always make me smile and laugh. They always leaving me feeling very positive because that's the type of person she is. i can't even describe to you how much of a fan i am of hers. So if you haven't checked her out yet, you better go do so.

My second favourite makeup guru on youtube is........


Michelle is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL woman. She is so incredibly talented when it comes to makeup it's unbelievable. She makes everything look so effortless and perfect. Doing makeup is something this girl was born to do. She is extremely creative and quorky. Like Kandee, Michelle has been around on youtube for a very long time as well. I watch almost all of her videos. They are very original and not something you are going to find everyday on youtube. You can always count on Michelle when you want to find a creative one of a kind makeup look.

My third favourite makeup guru on youtube is......


I think Michelle and Promise are probably pretty much tied. Promise is married to Michelles brother which is why they have the same last name. No they aren't sisters. Just sister in laws I guess. ANYWAYS, Promise is an extremely sweet girl and like Michelle, makeup comes to her very easily. And the girl can wear any makeup and it will look good one her!! The thing I love most about Promise is how she makes a lot of videos called "transformations" where she makes herself look like different celebrities or cartoons. It's really amazing how she can actually transform herself to look like someone else. Her youtube channel is definitely one I would suggest to people to look up. She is extremely amazing and its absolutely incredible how she transforms herself. She has so many transformation videos from taylor swift, to kim kardashian, and even bellatrix lestrange from Harry Potter. I always keep my eye out for new videos from her because I know it will be very entertaining and original. You can really see how much work she puts into her videos which tells me that she loves what she does.


  1. I love Kandee as well! And Saaammage she is my Fav!!<3

  2. who's samage? send me a link or something so i can check it out!! :)