Monday, 14 November 2011

Celebrity Makeup

I was reading some stories about celebrities online today when I decided to look at the makeup some celebrities have been wearing this year to get some inspiration. I found three looks that I think are absolutely beautiful.

I think the look that Gwen Stefani is wearing here is absolutely gorgeous, and unique!! I have to admit I am a HUGE fan of Gwen Stefani! She is a beautiful lady! Now I really like this look because it's really quite simple, its just a dark smokey eye with a bright pink lip. I am in love with bright pink lipstick lately so I am loving this look here. The dark eye makup really makes her eyes stand out on her face but the bright pink lip also stands out too. This is a very sexy look and definitly something I would wear on a night downtown to the clubs or a party.

I chose this picture because again, this is a simple look. Now normally Taylor Swift keeps her makeup looks pretty innocent looking and pretty. But, with this look, she went a bit more on the sexy side with the dark lined eyes. It is a very pretty look with a light coloured lip. She doesn't wear a stand out lip colour in this picture so her eyes are really the main focus. Her skin is absolutely flawless and dewy which is absolutely gorgeous!

I LOVE this makeup look because she kept it extremely simple. It seems like they kept her makeup pretty natural looking so her dress would be the main focus. It really shows how beautiful Amy Adams is naturally. This look is great for daytime and work. It is simple but elegant, not overdone. She has a natural coloured lip, lightly lined eyes, and a lovely rosey cheek. Perfect. It's simple and looks effortless. The main idea here is to work at creating perfect skin, then add a touch of blush, lip gloss, mascara and maybe a bit of liner.


  1. All of these girls are gorgeous! I love that gwen doesn't have a red lip, I honestly get so tired of her pale face with bright red lip only, she's so pretty with the pink it's a nice change to see:)

  2. I love gwen to death and i do love her red lip signature but the bright pink lip is such a nice change. shes so gorgeous