Saturday, 24 November 2012


A lot of my friends ask me the same old questions about highlighting, which usually include: "What exactly is highlighting?" and "Why do people do it?".

Well highlighting your face means you use a light shimmery cream or powder to highlight the high parts of your face. The purpose of this is to help give your face dimension and by giving your face dimension by highlighting and contouring, it helps your face to appear slimmer. Highlighting isn't a technique I would suggest woman to use for their everyday makeup, but on special occasions like a date, a party or a evening out I would definitely suggest trying it out. I have a bit of a rounder face so I find it to make a huge difference when I contour and highlight my face.

So what areas of your face should you highlight?

The first area that I always encourage people to highlight is the inner corners of their eyes. This can make such a big difference in your look. It helps to make your eyes appear larger and brings a lot more attention to them. I usually use a white shimmery shadow and use my finger to dab it into my inner corners. You could also use a soft pink or grey on the inner corners, I use white because I already have very fair skin.

You can also highlight your brow bone as well, giving your eyes more depth and dimension. This helps keep more focus on your eyes.

The next area I would suggest is your cheek bones, this helps make them stand out and also gives you a healthy dewy look to your skin. For this area you could also use a shimmery shadow, but I would suggest a cream personally because you want your skin to have a healthy glow to it, using a shadow could make it look too matte and cakey.

Another area would be down the bridge of your nose. Personally I skip this part because I don't want any attention drawn to my nose. But for people interested in this step I would suggest to lightly use your choice of highlighter, cream or powder, and gently swipe it down the bridge of your nose to help your nose appear a bit slimmer and help to give you more of the dewy look.

 The last area I suggest to people to highlight is right above your upper lip. This really helps to make your lips stand out more and make them appear fuller. I think it helps to give that pouty kind of look.

Thanks for reading!