Monday, 8 August 2011

My Beauty Diary Face Masks! How to use them

I have recently discovered the asian face masks called my beauty diary. they are really popular in asian countries. I was hearing and seeing a lot about them over youtube so I decided to try some out.

I bought 2 different kinds, the green apple masks and strawberry yogurt masks.

The green apple masks are supposed to help with tightening pores. I'm not sure how well it really tightened my pores though. However, it did make my skin feel really soft afterwards.

The strawberry yogurt masks are for whitening and brightening, as well as moisterizing your skin. I really love this mask, it smells fantastic (literally smells exactly like strawberry yogurt!), really does whiten my skin and definitly moisterizes it.

All of the my beauty diary masks are sheet masks and they say to leave them on for about 25-30 minutes. I like to leave mine on for around 40 because i find that it works better that way.

Each mask is individually packaged and is coated in serum. After I apply the masks, I like to put any extra serum left in the package  on my neck. I just put the serum in my hand and massage it into my neck.

After taking the mask the mask off you are not suuposed to wash any of the serum off your face. You just leave the serum on your face to soak in. I like to massage my face for about a minute afterwards to really make sure that the serum gets into my skin really well.

Overall I really love these mask and i would recommend them to anyone. The only thing bad I could say is that the instructions on the packaging arent that easy to read because its in a different language. I mostly found out how to use it by looking it up online.

Definitly worth a try! Thanks for readinggg :)

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