Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BB Cream!

These are 2 examples of what bb creams look like.

            BB Cream (or Blemish Balm Cream) is a type cream for your face that asian women are in love with! It is like a tinted moisterizer with a bit more coverage and a lot more benefits for your skin. People say that it was created in Germany by dermatologists to help people with serious skin conditions or people who may have had any surgery done to their face. It was created to help with the redness and scarring and things like that on peoples faces. When this product became available for the public, it became a big craze. To be honest, I can really understand why it became so popular so quickly.
One of the great things about bb cream is that it can actually help with acne WHILE giving you coverage and can help get rid of any acne scars you may have from the past.
Another plus to bb cream is that it helps whiten your skin. And i dont mean that it makes you pastey white, I mean that it helps to even out your skin tone and reduce redness.
BB cream is also beneficial for your skin because it is great for anti-aging as well as helping to reduce the look of fine lines that you might already have for your face.
The coverage of BB cream isn't AS GREAT as a foundation but it is definitly more coverage than a tinted moisterizer. So people who might have more acne than others may want to use concealer for extra coverage.
The bb cream formula also leaves your skin looking dewy and healthy.
I rarely ever use any foundation, I pretty much only use my bb cream and concealer if I need it.
A downfall to the bb cream is that the shades it comes in are very limited. The formula seems to be geared more towards girls with lighter skin rather than girls who have darker skin. I could be wrong (if i am wrong, someone please let me know!). I have looked at bb creams at many different sites on the internet like http://www.ebay.com/ and http://www.sasa.com/ and http://www.imomoko.com/ and have still yet to find darker shades.
Another downfall that I find with bb cream is that it tends to make my skin a bit more oily. Not like crazy oily or anything, but more oily than normal. I tend to have dry skin usually. I usually apply a light translucent powder over top to help with the oiliness.
Overall though I think BB cream was a great invention and we need to start getting it over to north america because it tends to be hard to find in stores. You can probably get it from sephora and unfortunately the closest one to me is about 4 hours away. :( wah wahhhh. I always buy my bb creams online. Much easier for me that way.
A lot of people who I talk to here in Canada have never even heard of bb cream and I want to make it a more well known product because I think everyone should be able to enjoy it! You can even buy bb creams for men as well which I think is so great!
This blog is getting quite long because there is so much to say so if i missed anything you should definitly look into bb cream and try it out and let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading!!!

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