Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks

 I wanted to first start this blog off by showing you what kim looks like without makeup on. So the above picture shows that but you can also see that kim is really quite a pretty girl. Now, I am not a huge fan of kim kardashian or anything like that. But I will agree that she is pretty and I am doing this blog because a lot of people like kim and want to know about her makeup. Enjoy!
This is makeup look number one because I feel like when you see kim in magazines, this is her typical look. For her face she definitly wears a high coverage foundation, no one's skin is that perfect. She has on a really pretty pink blush, one that is more subtle. I would choose one that is easier to build up. Then for her eyes it looks like she is only wearing a white eyeshadow and maybe some black or dark grey on the outer corners with black eyeliner on her top lashline and on the lower lashline. Her eyes are completely lined all around which gives her eyes a great shape. Of course she has mascara on as well. Then the lips are a nude lipstick and a gloss over top.

I want to start off by saying that I LOVE this look on Kim. She looks very elegant and timeless. So again we have the foundation (you can use whatever works best with your skin) then she has a lovely orangy peach blush on the apples of her cheeks. For her eyes, she most definitly has fake eyelashes on, so use a pair that are long and more natural looking if you choose to wear fake eyelashes. It doesn't look as though she is wearing any eyeshadow at all, so you can leave your lids bare if you would like or use a soft white eyeshadow or even a shimmer nude eyeshadow just to hide and veins in your eyelids. The lips are the most important part here. First, her lips are lined with a deep red liner to really make the lips stand out. Then for the actual lip colour, use a red lipstick that has some orange tinge to it as well. Then overtop, use a clear gloss. Again, love this look. This is a great "going out to dinner" look.
I am not a huge fan of this look on Kim but I figured I would explain it for anyone who wishes to try it out. This look can work for certain people but not everyone can pull this off. So again, the foundation, then for the cheeks it looks like she is only wearing bronzer, and not so much blush. The eyes are the most important feature in this look. For her eyes, she has a dark grey eyeshadow on her lids then her eyes are lined all around. Then the eyeliner has been smudged down on her bottom lashline. You can achieve this smudged look by using a black or dark grey eyeshadow along the lower lashline as well. then top the look with your favourite mascara (I like falsies by maybelline). Then for the lips, use a nude lipstick and some gloss overtop. You could also use a bit of concealer on your lips if you don't have nude lipstick. This will help to keep all the attention on your eyes. I would say this is a night on the town kind of look.

How cute is this look. She reminds me of Pocahontas in this picture. For this look, you want your skin to look really glowy. So be sure to highlight your cheek bones and down the centre of your nose. Then it looks like her face has been heavily bronzed. I wouldn't go too heavy but I would use a bronzer to LIGHTLY contour the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your forehead beside your eyebrows. Then if you want to, you can contour the sides of your nose as well. For the eyes, use a natural dark brown colour on the outer corners then a soft, shimmery white eyeshadow on the inner corners. Then use a black or brown eyeliner all around your eyes. Then top your eyes off with mascara. For the lips, I would use a very soft pink lipstick colour and a touch of gloss, not too much tho.
Again, I love the red lip on Kim, this is look is a bit different then the other red lip look we saw. Her  cheeks have a more defined blush look. I would use a blush that is a more reddish orange colour. Then for her eyes she has her top lashline lined and not the lower lashline like she usually does. Then for the eyelids again I would just use a bit of white or nude eyeshadow. Don't be shy with the mascara for this look since your bottom lashline isn't lined, you don't want to completely lose your eyes in the look. For the lips I would use a very vibrant blood red lipstick.

Thanks again for reading this blog! I hope you all enjoyed!

P.s. none of these photos were taken by me! They were found on the internet!