Wednesday, 27 July 2011

elf black eyeliner pen

I took a trip over to the united states a little while ago and stopped at a target. I am from Canada and we don't have targets here. haha. So while I was there I picked up a few elf cosmetics. I figured since they were sooo incredibly cheap, I might as well give them a try. The one thing I was most excited to try was the eyeliner pen. I must say, it glides on really well and it's extremely easy to make a straight line. It's pretty hard to mess it up. Where as using a liquid eyeliner can be tricky and easy to make mistakes. Now this eyeliner pen is great for your upper lashline, I wouldn't use it on your lower lashline. Overall I really enjoy this product and it was only a dollar!! Which is amazing. For the price this is an amazing product. The only bad thing I would have to say about the eyeliner pen would be that the colour shows up pretty light. I would like it to be a lot darker. Although if you go over it a couple times it does get a lot darker. Thats about everything I have to say about the elf eyeliner pen. I would recommend this product to ANYONE!

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