Monday, 8 August 2011

My Beauty Diary Face Masks! How to use them

I have recently discovered the asian face masks called my beauty diary. they are really popular in asian countries. I was hearing and seeing a lot about them over youtube so I decided to try some out.

I bought 2 different kinds, the green apple masks and strawberry yogurt masks.

The green apple masks are supposed to help with tightening pores. I'm not sure how well it really tightened my pores though. However, it did make my skin feel really soft afterwards.

The strawberry yogurt masks are for whitening and brightening, as well as moisterizing your skin. I really love this mask, it smells fantastic (literally smells exactly like strawberry yogurt!), really does whiten my skin and definitly moisterizes it.

All of the my beauty diary masks are sheet masks and they say to leave them on for about 25-30 minutes. I like to leave mine on for around 40 because i find that it works better that way.

Each mask is individually packaged and is coated in serum. After I apply the masks, I like to put any extra serum left in the package  on my neck. I just put the serum in my hand and massage it into my neck.

After taking the mask the mask off you are not suuposed to wash any of the serum off your face. You just leave the serum on your face to soak in. I like to massage my face for about a minute afterwards to really make sure that the serum gets into my skin really well.

Overall I really love these mask and i would recommend them to anyone. The only thing bad I could say is that the instructions on the packaging arent that easy to read because its in a different language. I mostly found out how to use it by looking it up online.

Definitly worth a try! Thanks for readinggg :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

my YouTube channel!!

Today I am so excited to talk about my YouTube channel!! So a couple days ago I hit the 250 subscriber point! EXCITING! I know ! Now I am 5 subscribers away from 300!!

My YouTube channel is a beauty channel. I talk about everything that has to do with beauty, just like this blog! But on my YouTube channel you can actually see me and watch what i'm doing instead of reading it. I have some tutorials, hauls, and reviews!

I started my YouTube channel at the beginning of this summer to give myself something to keep me busy throughout the summer. Since I love beauty related things and I was watching makeup videos at least twice a day, I decided I could do videos as well. I am constantly trying new products so I figured why not share it with the world. So far it has worked out really well for me!

So for anyone out there that wants to start a channel you should Definitly go for it! I am so glad I did, I have made new friends and learned so much from it. It's kind of tricky at first when getting started but there are so many videos on YouTube that give you step by step instructions on different things to help you learn!

here's the link to my YouTube...

so please check it out and subscribe to my channel!! let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My purple newspaper nails!!

I have seen this look for nails quite a bit lately over blogs, and over youtube. It seems to be pretty popular lately so I decided to give it a go. I wanted to add my own spin on it so instead of using a white or grey nail polish like most people are doing, i decided to try a light purple colour. So this is how I achieved the look!!

First I applied my base coat. I used the Sally Hansens Hard as Nails nail hardener.

Then I applied Sally Hansens Hard as Nails in Lacey Lilac as my base colour.

Then I took a small piece of newspaper (enough to cover my nail) like the piece above ^^ and soaked it in rubbing alcohol. I just poured some of the rubbing alcohol into the lid of the container and used that to dip the newspaper pieces in. Then once the newspaper was wet with alcohol, I gently placed it onto my nail and pressed it down for about 30 seconds. You don't have to leave it that long but I did just to help transfer the lettering darker. I wanted the writing to really stand out. Make sure your not letting the newspaper slip around on your nail, you want it to stay in one place.

Then I applied Sally Hansens Insta-Dry over top of everything so that the writing stays put and gives it that nice glossy effect. Make sure you wait till everything is dry before applying it so that the writing doesnt get blurred.
Thanks for reading!

buying makeup off eBay

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of eBay. I buy a lot of makeup products off there because there are a lot of products that aren't available to me since I live in the middle of no where! So I resort to eBay because it's convenient for me and I find some amazing deals.

I'm gonna start off with some positives of buying products off eBay.

1. It's cheap, so for anyone on a budget it would be great for you.
2. You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home.
3. There are some great products on eBay.
4. You can find some interesting products you have never seen or heard of before.

Some of the negatives of buying makeup off eBay are...

1. Some of the products are knock offs
2. A lot of the time it takes about 3 weeks to get to you. (keep in mind that's going on my opinion, and I live in Canada so it could be different for different places)
3. You might not know EXACTLY where the product is coming from.

The best advice I can give to girls looking to buy makeup off eBay is to DO THERE HOMEWORK first. When I say that I mean to look into the product or brand first and compare to make sure they aren't buying a fake.

Don't just buy something before looking into the seller and their feedback from customers. They show their ratings for a reason so make sure you are looking at them because nobody likes to be ripped off.

Now I buy things from eBay quite often and I LOVE it. eBay allows me to try different things and not spend ALL my money.

So just make sure your looking into everything your buying! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BB Cream!

These are 2 examples of what bb creams look like.

            BB Cream (or Blemish Balm Cream) is a type cream for your face that asian women are in love with! It is like a tinted moisterizer with a bit more coverage and a lot more benefits for your skin. People say that it was created in Germany by dermatologists to help people with serious skin conditions or people who may have had any surgery done to their face. It was created to help with the redness and scarring and things like that on peoples faces. When this product became available for the public, it became a big craze. To be honest, I can really understand why it became so popular so quickly.
One of the great things about bb cream is that it can actually help with acne WHILE giving you coverage and can help get rid of any acne scars you may have from the past.
Another plus to bb cream is that it helps whiten your skin. And i dont mean that it makes you pastey white, I mean that it helps to even out your skin tone and reduce redness.
BB cream is also beneficial for your skin because it is great for anti-aging as well as helping to reduce the look of fine lines that you might already have for your face.
The coverage of BB cream isn't AS GREAT as a foundation but it is definitly more coverage than a tinted moisterizer. So people who might have more acne than others may want to use concealer for extra coverage.
The bb cream formula also leaves your skin looking dewy and healthy.
I rarely ever use any foundation, I pretty much only use my bb cream and concealer if I need it.
A downfall to the bb cream is that the shades it comes in are very limited. The formula seems to be geared more towards girls with lighter skin rather than girls who have darker skin. I could be wrong (if i am wrong, someone please let me know!). I have looked at bb creams at many different sites on the internet like and and and have still yet to find darker shades.
Another downfall that I find with bb cream is that it tends to make my skin a bit more oily. Not like crazy oily or anything, but more oily than normal. I tend to have dry skin usually. I usually apply a light translucent powder over top to help with the oiliness.
Overall though I think BB cream was a great invention and we need to start getting it over to north america because it tends to be hard to find in stores. You can probably get it from sephora and unfortunately the closest one to me is about 4 hours away. :( wah wahhhh. I always buy my bb creams online. Much easier for me that way.
A lot of people who I talk to here in Canada have never even heard of bb cream and I want to make it a more well known product because I think everyone should be able to enjoy it! You can even buy bb creams for men as well which I think is so great!
This blog is getting quite long because there is so much to say so if i missed anything you should definitly look into bb cream and try it out and let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Olive oil and its benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Olive oil is not just used for cooking, it is used for a lot of beauty related things as well. I have just recently discovered the benefits of oive oil over the past 3 months. I must say that I love the things that olive oil can do. You can purchase olive oil at any local grocery store.

You can use olive oil as a makeup remover. It makes getting stubborn makeup off an easy job. I know I have had trouble getting some of my waterproof mascaras off. Whenever I need to take my makeup off at night, I always reach for my olive oil. I just pour a small amount onto a small cotton pad and wipe it off. It comes off very easily.

You can also use olive oil as a moisterizer. What i do is splash warm water onto my face to help open up my pores to help all of the vitamins in the olive oil get into my skin really well. I pour a small amount of olive oil into my hand (a clean hand!) and rub my hands together to help warm up the olive oil a bit. Then I continuously rub it into my skin for about a minute to realy make sure I get it into my skin really well.
This technique is really good for your skin because it actually helps to control the oil on your face. it might sound like it will make your skin more greasy, but even people with oily skin need to moisterize and this will help. EVEN IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN! Since there is so much nutrients and vitamins in olive oil, it can do wonders for your skin. It helps with the oiliness, it helps with anti-aging, it improves skins elasticity and it moisterizes.
I usualy use this before i go to bed so that the oil can soak into my skin while I'm sleeping. The olive oil will also help your makeup glide on smoothly. ANDDDD I almost forgot, but it is great for your lashes! It helps to condition them and really get all of the gunk or buildup in them which can help them grow longer.

You can also use olive oil as a scrub by adding granulated sugar to it. You can use it on just your face or your whole body. It will take off all of the dead skin cells and moisterize at the same time, leaving your skin feeling extremely soft.

Olive oil also does wonders for your hair. You can heat a small cup of olive oil in the microwave for about a minute and then apply it to dry hair. You shouldn't start right at your roots though, start a little ways down and make sure your hair is coated evenly. Then tie your hair back and let it sit for about an hour, then shower like you normally would and wash and condition your hair. It will leave your hair looking healthier and stronger andddd shiny. I usually do this about once every 2 weeks to pamper myself and help prevent any breakage in my hair. Especially during these hot summer days that can fry your hair.

I use all of these techniques myself and I love ALL OF THEM! You can buy olive oil for around $6 depending on the size, and it can be used for so many different things. I find that olive oil works better than my clinique makeup remover, which is quite a bit more expensive. I am an olive oil lover as you can tell and I will always stick by it.

Please try these techniques out and let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading!!!