Thursday, 27 October 2011

My face makeup routine

When I go to do my makeup everyday, the most important thing for me is to start off with a flawless looking canvas. I know a lot of girls just slap on some foundation and call it a day. A lot of people might watch me do my makeup and be like "what in the H is she doing?". I take a lot of steps in my face makeup routine but it is well worth it. I notice a lot of girls makeup looking cakey or not the right clour for their skin. It is important to know how to achieve great looking skin using makeup.

So, here is my routine,

step one: I always start off with a fresh clean face. I can't stress this enough to people, you need to clean off ALL of your makeup from the night before!! It's so important!

step two: I use a moisterizer or a primer to prep my skin. I almost always reach for a moisterizer to prep my skin, but you can always use primer if thats what you like. I like to use St. Ives Moisterizer with vitamin E. Vitamin E is really great for your skin because it helps with acne scars and healing any acne on your face. I have really dry skin so moisterizer works really well for me. I would normally give the moisterizer a few minutes to really soak into my skin before i continue with the rest of my routine.

step 3: Next, I use a bb cream and I apply it evenly over my entire face and neck. I make sure there are no harsh edges and that it is blended really well into my hairline and around my ears. If you don't know what bb cream is then you can go check out my other blog on bb creams. I am a huge supporter of bb creams and I think everyone should use it. It is basically a tinted moisterizer that has a bit more coverage than most tinted moisterizers.

step 4: This step I skip on a day to day basis, I only do this step if I'm going out at night or I just want the extra coverage. I take my favourite MAC foundation and apply some to the back of my hand and use my stippling brush to stipple it all over my face. I like using a stippling brush because it really gets into every angle and crease to give you great, airbrushed looking coverage.

step 5: I use concealer at this point. I know a lot of people do it before foundation but I like to do it after foundation but before powder. Now I always use one of my high end concealers at this point so it usually blends really well into my skin tone. This could be different for other people. The places on my face I usually conceal is, under my eyes, around my nose (because it tends to be red) my eyelids to help conceal any veins and to create a base for eyeshadow, and then of course any blemishes I may have on my face.

step 6: I take a highlighter and put it on all the HIGH parts of my face. I put it down the centre of my nose, across my cheek bones, my brow bones, right about my upper lip, and just a bit on my chin. This gives a great dewy look to your skin. It helps everything look natural and not like you put a lot of effort into your makeup.

step 7: I take a face powder and apply it over my entire face and jawline to set myy foundation, concealer and highlighter.

step 8: Then I take my clinique bronzer (which is amazing!) and I LIGHTLY dust it over my entire face. I have very fair skin, and I am very picky about bronzer because it always ends up being very dark on me. I chose this clinique bronzer because it is close to my skin tone. My face is a bit lighter than the skin on the rest of my body so this is why I apply it over my entire face, to help it match. This bronzer also doesnt have much glitter in it so it doesnt look silly over your entire face. I use a kabuki brush for this.

step 9: Then I take the same bronzer and use a thinner, fluffy face brush. I suck in my cheeks and I use the bronzer as a contour for my cheeks. I make sure to blend this out really well. You dont want any harsh lines on your face. Keep it natural! This helps your face look slimmer and more contoured.

step 10: The final step in my routine is blush. Again, I have fair skin, so I always go for a light pink blush. I like to use elf blush products, they are very easy to blend and don't overpower my skin.

So this completes my routine, I didn't plan for it to work out to be ten steps. HAHA! I hope this helps someone out there. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me.

Thanks so much for reading everyone! :)