Wednesday, 7 September 2011

my new favourite product

The other day I went to the mall with a friend and as we were wandering around I saw the LUSH store. I have been in the store before but I was very turned off by their prices. I looked at the soaps and i was like "ten dollars for soap?! Thats crazy," but i had heard from another friend about how great their products are. So i decided to give LUSH another try. As I started looking at things rather than prices I realized I was in trouble because I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!

In the end I settled for a solid body tint in black stockings, a twilight bath bomb and a lip scrub in sugar lips. I absolutely love all 3 products.

The one that stands out most to me is the solid body tint in black stockings. I had never seen anything like it before and once I tried some on my skin, i knew instantly that i needed to buy it. It was $8.95. It seems a bit expensive, but i know that this bar will last me a longggg time. The great thing about this body tint is the fact that it moisterizes your skin as well as gives you a subtle shimmery glow. Its great for people like me who have very fair skin because it just gives you such a beautiful sun kissed look. I also like that it is a very subtle shimmer rather than an overload on sparkle which looks fake and silly to me. This product gives a more natural sun kissed look.

You might be asking yourself, "how do you use a solid body tin?" Well, all you have to do is take the small heart bar and rub it onto your skin, then use your hand to kind of smooth it around a bit. You can use it basically anywhere you want. I use it mostly on my face and arms, but I have used it on my legs as well.
This is probably one of my favourite buys from this summer! I would recommend that EVERYONE try it!! Let me know what you think of course.

The bar is also very portable, I just leave it in the LUSH bag it came in and throw it into my purse or makeup bag and I'm good to go. It takes like 10 seconds to apply and it smells AH-MAZING!! It's a very sweet but spicy smell at the same time because it has spicy pimento berry oil and cinnamon in it. This will definitly be something I will probably buy over and over and OVER again! This is how much I love it. I seriously can't praise this product enough. Of course, I could be different than other people and everything in this blog is all my opinion so some people might love it as much as me but others might hate it. YOU NEVER KNOW!

Thanks for reading!!!

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